The Quest For Longer Lashes Ends with Latisse

No one knows when the obsession with eyelashes began, but to be sure, it is a global phenomenon. Women try to increase the length of their lashes in multiple ways: mascara, false eyelashes, eyelash extensions, and now Latisse. While all of these have their place, Latisse is different because it allows you to grow your own lashes thicker and longer: no bi-weekly fills at $70 are required. When you are shopping for the best method of obtaining longer, fuller lashes, be sure to include this new treatment in your search.

Types of False Eyelashes

In general, there are three types of false eyelashes you can choose from: strips, clusters, and extensions. Strips are, by far, the most noticeably false and uncomfortable, but they do for one time wear or in a pinch. You can purchase these types of lashes at most beauty stores, department stores, and even grocery stores. Closely related to the false strips are the false clusters. These are clusters of two to three lashes that are carefully positioned between your natural lashes. These are less noticeably fake, lighter, and much more comfortable to wear. You can buy these at the same places you buy the strips. Finally, there are extensions. This is by far the most expensive option and must be done by a professional. In extensions, individual synthetic lashes are glued to your individual natural lashes. These extensions look and feel natural. The downside is you will pay a hefty price and will need to have them filled every few weeks for anywhere between $70 and $200.

Grow Your Own

If you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars every month on eyelash extensions but you don’t want the hassle of false eyelashes, consider growing your own amazing lashes  with a little help. The solution was discovered by accident when patients afflicted with glaucoma started noticing longer, fuller, darker lashes after a few months of using their medication. Not wanting to miss out on a cash cow, the manufacturers of that medication produced a serum meant specifically for eyelash growth. Due to the fact this solution for longer eyelashes is a drug, you will need to get a prescription for it from your doctor.

After just a few months of using Latisse, you should notice changes in your eyelashes. With continued use, you could see an increase in length of up to 25%, increased darkness by up to 18%, and increased volume by up to 106%. These results will dissipate if you discontinue using the drug.