Three Tips for Stopping Teeth Grinding

Have you ever woken in the morning with a sore jaw? Is the enamel on the ends of your teeth starting to break down? If so, you may have a condition called Bruxism, or teeth grinding. The condition is very common, and it can be very harmful to teeth. Dental professionals like the dentists at Johnson & Johnson, DDS can be an important key in overcoming the habit. Here are a few ways that you can begin to stop grinding your teeth.

Pay Attention 

Many people who grind their teeth at night also continue the habit throughout the day. Paying attention to the times that you grind your teeth can do a lot to stop the habit. If you catch yourself grinding your teeth during the day, make a conscious effort to stop yourself.
When you first start, it will seem very difficult, and you will find yourself constantly correcting the behavior. After a few weeks, the habit will begin to abate and you will notice that you don’t have to work as hard to curb the habit. Just stay aware of the times that you are grinding your teeth, make a conscious effort to stop, and be patient with yourself and you will have success. 

Stop Recreational Chewing 

Chewing for fun is simply a continuation for tooth grinding. When you chew gum, you are simply getting your jaws used to constant clamping. On the same note, if you have a habit of chewing on pen lids or pencils, you should try to stop that habit as well.

You are trying to recondition your body to keep your jaw loose, and chewing on gum or other items throughout the day will only make your brain feel like the jaw has to be constantly active. You have to teach your mind to be alright with a jaw that is just sitting in place. 

Get a Mouth Guard 

Now that you have learned to conquer tooth grinding during the day, it is now time to try to figure out what to do at night. Night can be difficult because you cannot consciously stop yourself from grinding your teeth. It is better to have your dentist fit you with a mouth guard.

A mouth guard is a plastic device that is molded to your mouth. You wear it at night when you are grinding your teeth. It also cushions your jaw as well so you will not wake up with the sore jaw that is typical with teeth grinders. While it is nearly impossible to break nighttime bruxism, you can protect your teeth while you sleep.

If you suffer from bruxism, a visit to a dentist such as Johnson & Johnson,DDS is important. They can fit you with a mouth guard and check to see if your teeth have suffered any damage due to teeth grinding.