Ways to Love Your Curly Hair

Are you tired of trying to tame your curly mane? Are you envious of others with non-frizzy hair? Do you secretly know your hair has magical powers, but needs the correct care to unleash them? Many girls with naturally curly hair have tried a multitude of curly hair products to control their hair. However, this only works when combined with knowledge of how to treat your hair and an attitude of embracing your curls, rather than fighting them.

Tips for Loving Your Curly Hair

•    Stop using heat and be sure to get regular trims, as fried/split-ends make hair less workable and responsive.
•    Do not wash your hair every day. Experts on curly hair care suggest 2-4 times a week, or some even say you should never wash your hair, but only use conditioner. The reasoning for this is that hair needs moisture to be curly (every curly-haired girl could tell you that—hello humidity!), and when you use shampoo, the sulfates strip your hair follicles of the natural oils produced by your scalp. In turn, your hair will be dry, frizzy, and less manageable.
•    Find the particular shampoo and conditioner that work well for you and your curls. Think about the activities you do and what you hair regularly goes through to help you decide on certain products. Feel free to experiment with multiple brands and pay special attention to how your hair responds. One other thing to remember with shampoos is to stay away from sulfates. Sulfates are what makes the soap foamy and will dry out your hair.
•    Don’t condition your roots and don’t over condition your hair. Before you rinse out your conditioner, run a wide-toothed comb through your curls to organize them without damaging your hair.
•    Never rub your wet hair with a towel. Instead, wrap it “turban-style” on your head for 10 or so minutes to get it dry enough to be workable.
•    Next you can start applying product, but be sure you layer it slowly. You hair needs to be able to breathe and not get weighed down by too much product. Again, experiment with different products and figure out what your hair responds well to. Many curly-haired girls find that their hair curls differently in different sections of their head, and so separate products are required for different sections of hair. Also, you can always go to a salon and consult a specialist on which curly hair products would be best for you.