Help Your Kid Sleep Right on Schedule

Watching television, playing and chatting on the computer, tablet or cellphone is one of the reasons why some kids find it difficult to sleep. According to experts the reason for this is because the mental stimulation caused by the action on screen revs them up and makes their brain more active. Plus, the bright glow given off by TV monitors and other electronic gadgets inhibits the brain's production of melatonin, the hormone that makes you feel sleepy.

It would be best to turn off the TV or computer at least an hour before you put your kids to bed. Reading to them or letting them listen to soft music can help them feel relaxed. Also make sure that their bed is comfortable. A soft, clean and pretty bed is always very inviting and if you are in the market for affordable bedding you can find children's bedding by Sweet JoJo Designs at Just the feel of the bedding's soft material and the scent of clean sheets are already enough to make them feel sleepy.

Taking a warm shower and drinking warm milk will also help.Even us adults feel sleepy after a warm shower. That's because you instantly feel relaxed after a warm bath. I also read in one article that snacking on carbs (eg. wheat bread with tuna or chicken spread) helps you sleep faster.

Try these simple tips to help your kids drift to sleep right on schedule.