Whole House Water Filter Systems

SanteForHealth.com offers whole house water filter systems. You may be asking, “Why a whole house water filter?” It’s a logical question because most people think a filter on the faucet or the refrigerator line is all they need to eliminate harmful bacteria or chemicals from their cooking and drinking water.

For homes supplied with by a private well some conditions may exist that a whole house water filter system could remove. For instance, if your home water smells suspiciously like rotten boiled eggs or has a musty smell then the water may be contaminated by too much bacteria or gases. Filtering these out may be desirable in all your water, not just the water for drinking. Unfiltered water may also have too high of levels of iron or manganese, both of which can cause staining or discoloration of laundry, fixtures, shower curtains and your hair! A water test will help you determine if your water does have levels that are too high. If you have water from a municipality, it is best to check with your city officials before deciding on a whole house water filtration system.

When you make the decision to filter water for your whole house, you can find whole house water filter systems at SanteForHealth.com to suit whatever your needs. Several different models to fit the size and budget of your home, as well as, a choice of systems to eliminate any contaminate or combination of contaminates are available. Replacement cartridges to keep your system running efficiently can also be ordered.