My Friend's Place: Plain Good Old Service and Good Eats

It's not often you find a restaurant that serves healthy and fresh foods and makes you feel comfortable because of its friendly atmosphere. That's what I love and miss about My Friend's Place. I happened to try their yummy and big servings when my husband and I visited a relative in the US. Hubs is a huge fan of breads and sandwiches so when we passed by this resto, we just had to give it a try. The atmosphere was very friendly and all the staff were all smiling at us even before we entered.

Their menu was impressive and I say, they really are the sandwich king. Wraps, hot sandwiches, cold sandwiches and salads; everything looked so delicious. Each sandwich you order comes with chips and your choice of a drink. They also have fresh vegetables to munch on and freshly baked stuff. I highly recommend the chocolate chip cookies if you ever get a chance to visit My Friends Place.

If healthy and affordable food are what you look for, you'll love the resto. You can check them out at The food and service there are just so great, you'll definitely go back. I miss their sandwiches so much and I how I wish someone would buy a franchise and bring the deli shop over here.

***This is a sponsored post and I am receiving payment for my opinion.