Tips to Help Make Your Frozen Yogurt Shop a Hit

Frozen yogurt is one of the most popular treats in the US and around the world. Sales of this sweet and tangy confection have been rising steadily as consumers look for healthy alternatives to traditional ice cream products. While frozen yogurt is not a health food, it does contain less calories and fat than ice cream along with beneficial live cultures. While the overall nutritional value depends on the toppings added, frozen yogurt is definitely a popular and delicious dessert or snack. If you’re interested in riding the wave of popularity and starting a shop of your own, here are some tips to help you succeed.

Go for quality. When choosing the equipment to stock your shop with, buy the very best you can afford. It really does matter. Good machinery turns out good product, and is more reliable, meaning less time and money wasted due to repairs and downtime. Look for the best refrigerators, cabinetry, cases and of course the best frozen yogurt machine you can find.

Be good to your employees. You will naturally want to attract the best workers, so treat them right and don’t be afraid to pay for experience. It will be worth every penny. Experienced workers are more productive and efficient, and that means less waste and more profit.

Embrace social media. Social media is a powerful marketing tool. Make sure to set up accounts for your business on all the major ones and use them to their fullest. Once you’ve generated a base of loyal followers, be responsive to their posts and issues and welcome their feedback.

The customer is NOT always right. Good customer service is important but you must not take it so far that you get taken advantage of. Many companies are so afraid of a bad rating or review that they will give customers anything, especially if they are abusive. Don’t fall into this trap. Make your customers happy but stand up to those who try to take advantage of or ignore your policies. Don’t let them blackmail you and don’t ever let them abuse your employees. Always stand up for them. Your customers will respect you for it.

A frozen yogurt business can be rewarding and profitable. Don’t cut corners, respect your employees, give the best customer service, and you may find yourself enjoying sweet success!