Work Comfortably with Height Adjustable Tables

Height adjustable work tables not only make you feel better and relieve many discomforts, but they are also important to your health for many reasons. With more people dying from heart disease now more than ever, reducing that risk of heart disease by 46% is a very big number. The same type of benefits apply to other chronic diseases as well. Increased metabolism and losing weight also enter the picture because you burn twice as many calories when you stand and walk around than when you sit.

Ergonomic factors of these tables are numerous. They decrease back, hip, knee, shoulder and neck pain and help correct your posture when you hold your torso more erect. They increase circulation in the lower extremities and stimulate blood flow back to the heart. Muscles have less chance of atrophying and tendons have less chance of shortening and tightening. Partially standing during the work day also increases productivity, stamina and energy and lets you think more clearly.

The work tables normally have a minimum height of 27 inches and a maximum height of 46 inches, so they can be adjusted to each person's individual needs and comfort.

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