Health Informatics is Modern Medicine

Combine computer science, information technology and health care to and you will find yourself studying a relatively new discipline called health informatics. Sometimes called health care informatics, medical informatics or health information systems, earn a Masters in Health Informatics in as little as a year at the University of Cincinnati. With this program, you will follow the lines of modern medicine through technology and information services. You will work with various electronic devices to record, report and interpret medical data; seek ways to acquire, optimize, store and retrieve archival and current medical data and more in this exciting and growth-oriented field.

At the University of Cincinnati, prepare to make a solid impact in the health care field of health informatics. When you follow this educational track, you are working toward ultimately helping make the health care system a more streamlined and easily navigable frame-work. With new legislation and upcoming monumental health care changes, strengthening and improving the infrastructure of the health care industry has never been so critical.

With the help of those who study health informatics, health professionals can improve health care quality, efficiency, safety and other important details through finely tuned communications within the health care's information technology systems.

If you are coming from a career in information technology or the health care industry, your experience and education will be invaluable to this program. With the University of Cincinnati's program in health informatics, housed in the College of Business, you will be gathering the information and experience to become a leader in the health care industry.

Regardless of your current lifestyle, this master's track will work for you. Since classes are 100 percent online, you won't have to worry about rearranging your work or family schedule to meet your requirements. If you have time and desire, you will be able to complete this exciting program within a year. The accelerated program requires students to participate on a full-time basis while the standard program will take each student two years to complete on a part-time basis.

Immerse yourself in this program where you will work with experienced faculty and active leaders in the health industry. Help the health industry grow to meet the rapidly growing demands of 21st century challenges of a large-scale aging population, those struggling with the ravages of obesity-related illness and other diseases as well as forthcoming issues with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.