MHA: The Business Side of Health

If you’re a health care professional, health care leader, or physician who feels a need for in-depth knowledge of the business side of health care, consider a master’s in health administration. Advanced business skills help health care professionals operate efficiently and profitably with an understanding of group dynamics, organizational principles, systems, finance, management, strategic planning, marketing, and legal issues related to health policy.

Leaders in health care must understand the business of health care, and an MHA degree helps you do just that. It gives you a knowledgeable understanding of business principles, advances your career opportunities, and gives you a foundation for leading positions in the future of health care. Ohio University College of Health Sciences and Professions is a school with an outstanding MHA program. Ohio University is a top-ranked American public university with a world-class MHA program that’s 100 percent online.

Online Saves Time Busy health care professionals have schedules and daily lives that are already at maximum capacity and have little room for travel to campus for classes. But Ohio University’s online MHA program enables you to study at your convenience and on your schedule without the significant disruption to your life that an on-campus experience requires. You can earn your MHA in as little as 24 months and get the knowledge and practical expertise you need to better manage the business side of health care.

Ohio University’s MHA Program Ohio University’s MHA program teaches leadership in health care to balance patient outcomes and the bottom line with subject matter such as finance, leadership, research, legal, marketing, and human resources. Every subject area includes a focus on improving effective communication and negotiation skills.

The additional benefits of studying for an MHA online with Ohio University include:

• Student Services Program Coordinators assigned to every student
• Being part of a learning community of mid-career health care professionals
• A variety of learning methods including small peer learning groups led by a professional facilitator, discussion forums, class e-mail, chats, videos, tutorials, and other Internet resources
• Respected health care industry leaders serve as faculty in Ohio University’s MHA program

Admission Eligibility
Admission to Ohio University’s online MHA program requires the following:

• Bachelor’s degree in any field
• Overall undergraduate grade-point average of 3.0
• At least two years of current U.S. health care work experience
• Demonstrated competence in finance and accounting
• Excellent English writing skills
• TOEFL scores if applicable
• Completed application with transcripts, professional statement, and three letters of recommendation