3 Types of Survival Videos Your Kids Should Watch Before Heading Out in the Woods

While out in the wilderness, it's essential for your kids to know a few things about staying safe. Camping or hiking in the wild outdoors is thrilling but without advanced preparation there is so much that can go wrong. That’s not to say that kids should fear the wilderness. A few precautionary measures and some basic safety tips will ensure that they are able to meet any challenge that might come their way. Fortunately, there are tons of online videos that you can use to demonstrate basic survival tips to your kids. Here are three types of videos they should watch before they head out into the woods.

Plants and Insects

There are numerous plants that your kids will need to look out for in the woods, but the ones that are most worrying include poison ivy, oak, and sumac. Look up videos that provide details of the specific characteristics that your children should look for to identify these plants. Most kids would be able to identify and avoid poisonous plants after viewing an informative video. You should teach your kids to avoid touching unknown plants especially if there’s any doubt. Dress your children in full gear (long pants, shirts, and hats) as an extra layer of protection to avoid allergic reactions if they come into contact with dangerous plants.

Storing Garbage and Food

When night falls, your campsite could attract a lot of nocturnal visits if you don’t put up barriers. Bears, foxes, and possums will rummage through your garbage if you’re not careful. Proper storage of your food and storage is all it takes to keep them away. Download informative videos, using tools from sites such as http://youtubedownload.altervista.org, that can teach your children how to dispose of leftovers and store food at the site. It won’t hurt to show them funny videos (so you don’t scare them) of animals taking over campsites in search of food.

They’ll learn proper disposal techniques like locking up garbage in a lock-box or hanging it high in a tree. Your foodstuff should be stored in large plastic containers or locked in the vehicle if it’s parked nearby.

How To Get Found

Getting lost in the woods is scary for some adults and all kids, which is why it’s a good thing to avoid. Teach your kids how to get found just in case they get lost. Videos will show you how to prepare a game plan, and the things you should include in a “get found” kit.

Once you develop a game plan, make sure your entire family sticks to it. A little common sense is all it takes to avoid getting lost, and knowledge of the game plan will help your family to find a lost camper quickly.

Always err on the safe side when venturing into the woods with your family. Use videos to help you prepare for your trip so your family can enjoy the great outdoors safely. Remember to respect IP: TeachingCopyright.org.

Brian Richardson is a survivalist. He loves to share practical survivalist tips on parenting blogs.