Always Drink in Moderation

If it's anything about wines, beers or any alcoholic drinks, my friend, Herbert, is the expert. He knows where you can find the best tasting wines, the best stores for beers, the best restaurants that serve Sake, and the most reliable stores where you can get all kinds of spirit drinks. Invite him to a party and he'll buy spirits online in Australia from Jim's Cellars to bring to your party. You'll never run dry of wine and alcohol with this guy.

Herbert is a bowling buddy and I have to say I am impressed with this guy. He bowls well and has even rolled a few perfect games. And take note, he rolled all his perfect games while drinking beer. A social drinker he calls himself, but I fondly call him Al (short for alcoholic). Kidding aside, Herbert is a regular wine drinker and he claims that his health has improved a lot when he started drinking wine. He has hypertension and has a very high cholesterol count. His LDL significantly dropped and his blood pressure is at a level since he included wine in is meals.

I know that wine does the body good and I have actually published some articles in this blog about the goodness of wine. I kept reminding my friend that while wine is good, he shouldn't drink too much. Too much of it can have bad effects on your health, too.