Gifts from Baby: Christmas Gifts for the New Mum

If you’ve been blessed with a lovely new addition to your family this year and think the mother of your baby deserves a little extra pampering this Christmas here are some great gift ideas for new mums.

Pampering Christmas gifts for new mums

After carrying your little one for the last 9 months, a new mum might be in need of some pampering and time out to relax. Why not book a romantic meal for two at her favourite restaurant, so you can both enjoy an intimate evening together. One of the most appreciated Christmas presents for Mum is to arrange a spa day full of relaxing treatments for her to spend with her friends. Spa Breaks is a great site for finding just the right thing for your loved one.

Or how about a subscription to her favourite magazine so she can regularly switch off with a cup of tea and an easy read when it arrives each month! Maybe after wearing maternity clothes for months on end your new mum might be in need of a wardrobe overhaul to make her feel fabulous again, so help out by getting her some vouchers to spend at the shops or online. That way she has to spend it on herself instead of the little one no matter how tempting that might be!

Luxury baby gifts for new mums

Make motherhood luxurious with some special baby gifts that will help mum out day to day and make her feel special. These Storksak Elizabeth changing bags from John Lewis (£198) will keep your stylish mum looking great when she’s out and about with baby.

Or splash out on a camera or camera phone, so she can take lots of beautiful snaps for you all to look back on. Couple this with a personalised photo album that she can gradually fill up to make this gift extra special! Alternatively, you could arrange for a family photo shoot to get some professional pics taken of your growing family.

Personalised gifts for new mums

Personalised gifts are a great way to show you’ve really thought about the Christmas gift you’re giving and made it unique to her. Why not visit to make a personalised Christmas card using a photo of your little one. You could even write it from them, thanking your partner for being such a brilliant mum! Not On The High Street do an array of gorgeous gifts that you can personalise from cotton baby blankets to artwork, cushions to cakes. For the mum who loves all things beautiful, you’ll be sure to find something there that she’ll cherish.

Of course all these Christmas gift ideas could come not only from dad, but from anyone who knows a new mum in need of some indulgence and attention!

Jess Savage is a retailer. She often writes about life events for consumer blogs.


I love how you mentioned in your blog. They are a fantastic site for funny personalized cards.I also think a perfect gift for a mum is a pendant with the child/childrens name on it. That way she can keep it and it mean something special.