Keeping Kids Safer Around Pools and Spas

It is not something that bears thinking about but the sad truth is that some children do die from drowning every year, so if you have a swimming pool or spa in your garden or the house, then you have to strike a balance between having fun and staying stay at all times.

Adult supervision

There is often a relaxed and fun atmosphere around a swimming pool, which is understandable as everyone is normally enjoying themselves and simply having a good time, especially the children.

It only takes a few seconds for a tragic accident to occur especially when a child under four years old is suddenly in difficulty in the water, so the level of adult supervision required around the swimming pool area is far greater than it is with a lot of other activities, simply because of the danger that exists.

No room for error

No one wants to spoil the fun and you can keep a very close eye on your children without them feeling that they are unable to have fun. You just have to remember that there is no room for error as a young child can quickly and often silently, drown within a few seconds.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents provide a helpful guide that you can download for reference but you simply have to remember the golden rule above everything else, never leave a child alone when they are in or even around a pool or spa, even for a few seconds.

Direct sight

You should aim to keep your children in direct sight at all times and never assume that they are alright. If a child is missing even for a few seconds, you should immediately check the pool or spa to make sure that they have not fallen in or are in any sort of trouble. Every second counts when it comes to avoiding a tragic accident so don’t feel you are being over-protective by keeping such a watchful eye over your children and having them in direct sight at all times.

Safety barriers and fencing

When you are looking for swim spas for sale you should also give serious consideration to making sure that the area where it is going to be used is fenced off or protected by barriers. You can get safety barriers and fencing that is specially designed to protect children from entering the pool area without adult supervision or assistance.

Take a close look at the area surrounding your pool and make sure that there are no weak spots or areas where a child could get in without you knowing about it and even consider getting an alarm fitted to the entry gate, so that if they do get in because it has been left unlocked by mistake, you can quickly be alerted to this fact.


riablahgs said…
It's is really a wise decision to practice safety precautions when you have a pool and kids around. Putting up safety fence around is one measure most pool owners undertake. Some even build their pools above ground to avoid the common accidents with kids and drowning.
Mommy Pehpot said…
I have to admit that I am a paranoid mom, specially when it comes to swimming. That is why when go swim, I always make sure that adults are always with the kids. I don't let them swim by themselves.