Three Specialized Physician Jobs for You to Consider

When you are in medical school, you can’t think about much more than passing your amazingly difficult classes. You do have to think about what your specialty is going to be. Now, you may already know what your specialty will be; you could have been dreaming about being a podiatrist since you were five years old. Your opportunity for physician jobs can vary widely according to your specialty and the area of the country or world in which you want to work. Read on to learn more about three areas of specialty that may be of particular interest to you.


An anesthesiologist is a physician who is trained in anesthesia or perioperative medicine. Physicians who want to become anesthesiologists have to complete a four year residency after medical school. Anesthesiologists manage patient preoperative assessment, consult with the surgical team, and create an individual patient plan including airway management, provision of pain control, intraoperative care, and post-operative care of patients. Historically, anesthesiologists have been in short supply. The opportunities for anesthesiologists can be in hospitals or surgical centers, urgent care clinics, and even oral surgeon offices.


Matters of the heart are important to all of us. Cardiology is a specialty where disorders of the heart are diagnosed and treated. Doctors who do surgery on the heart are called cardiac surgeons. Cardiologists diagnose and treat congenital heart defects, coronary artery disease, valvular heart disease, heart failure, and electrophysiology. Cardiology is a specialty of internal medicine. After a successful graduation from medical school, a three year residency in internal medicine is required followed by a three year residency in cardiology. Cardiologists have a medical office to see patients, which is often close to a hospital, because cardiologists are often making daily rounds to see their patients in the hospital.


Out of all the physician jobs, you will get the most collective ‘oh, how sweet’ sentiments from a pediatrics specialty. A pediatrician gives preventative and medical care to ill children from birth to eighteen years of age. Pediatrics does require a residency and you can choose to specialize in a variety of sub-specialties.