Weight Watchers is a Popular Weight Loss Solution

When looking to shed a few pounds, you undoubtedly hear about many weight loss plans, drinks, pills and more that guarantee great success. Which route you choose depends on your own eating habits, physical fitness and busy lifestyle. A popular and healthy choice is the Weight Watchers plan.

What Is Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is a balanced meal plan that incorporates point values rather than calories; much easier to keep track of while successfully losing weight. When you join the program, you are given an amount of points based on your current weight. As you lose weight, your points are lowered to continue a loss of pounds until you achieve your goal.

Although points are geared at good carbohydrates and proteins, there are many items you are allowed to eat endlessly such as most fruits and a vast array of non-starchy vegetables to nibble on so that you can fulfill any of your normal cravings. When on Weight Watchers, you are allowed so many food choices that you never feel hungry. You can use your points any way you opt throughout the day to include your regular 3 meals and 2 snacks. It is always advisable to consume something every couple of hours to keep the metabolism and body working efficiently.

The normal process on Weight Watchers is to attend a meeting near you once a week to weigh in (discreetly) and gain support and advise from others on the same mission. The meetings are a great way to look forward to that weight loss while also sharing diet and recipe tips with fellow members.

Some people with busy schedules choose to join the online program that is geared with the same tools, ideas, recipe’s and support in much the same way as the meetings. You work on an honor system while keeping track of your progress. Make it fun and competitive by joining with a friend who can also be your fitness buddy.

Tools for the Plan’s Success

Many tools for success are available at your local Weight Watchers meeting place or online on their site. Some of the items you may find are record books for tracking your daily food intake and the points, an electronic points calculator, kitchen scales, recipe’ books, a shopping and eating out guide and the Weight Watchers magazine, not to mention numerous food items. You can find snack bars, mini bars, popped and baked snacks. Their products are extremely tasty and satisfying.

Of course, you can find many choice foods in the freezer section of your neighborhood grocer and always be alert to frequent sales for savings. By logging onto their site, you can also obtain coupons towards frozen foods and desserts. I found promotions for the Weight Watchers Online and Weight Watchers Monthly Pass at http://www.weightlosstriumph.com/weight-watchers-coupon-codes-review-promotional-savings-discounts.html.

Success Stories From Weight Watchers

Many people like me have been on the Weight Watchers plan with great success. I began losing about 5 pounds the first week and then I experienced a gradual loss of about 2 pounds each week thereafter. It is best to have a gradual weight loss for permanent success. I always had that incentive to look forward to those weigh-ins weekly, making me stay on track because I wanted that weight loss. Every time you reach a 5 or 10 pound or more weight loss, you get to share the news with the support of all the members who cheer you on. I always enjoyed sharing new recipes and diet tips, giving me a new lease on life and my weight loss. I lost more than 25 pounds and have my golden key chain to prove that Weight Watchers is a successful and popular way of eating for a healthy new you.

Article written by Sue Lee, grandmother and home freelance writer from Sycamore, Illinois


istarblog said…
I am doing the master cleanse these days but I think this pretty works too.. will definitely try this soon po. Thames for sharing.
ria C said…
I've known weight watchers for sometime now but never joined. I can barely keep up with my workout sessions let alone track my progress hehehe.

However, I've been detoxing (mild) for a week now. I haven't eaten fried foods for 2 weeks and no sodas as well. I feel lighter although no big change is happening on my weight yet but I'm looking forward to wearing my old clothes again. Somehow, I don't feel bloated too.
Chubskulit Rose said…
I have seen many testimonies of weight watcher members.
workingmama said…
this sounds cool and effective way to loose weight. will recommend this to a friend
mum does yoga said…
i have heard a lot of good things about weight watchers + a lot of weight-challenged people have benefited from their program. now i wish there was a local counterpart here in the Philippines :)
Mommy Pehpot said…
this is the first time that I heard about weight watchers..it seems that it has receives a lot of positive response.