How to Encourage a Loved One to Begin Nutrisystem


If someone you love is carrying too much weight, it’s probably a taboo subject.  There’s usually a great deal of guilt and embarrassment involved, or even an obstinate refusal to change from some people.  This can be particularly frustrating if it’s a loved one whom you truly care for.  You don’t want their health to suffer and you don’t want to see them feeling bad about their bodies.  So how do you gently suggest that someone close to you should begin a program like Nutrisystem?  Dropping hints about special deals, promotions, or coupons for the program that you’ve found online is not going to cut it here.  I suggest that you take a gentler and more direct approach when encouraging a loved one to go on a diet.

Honesty is the best policy

Who wants to be told that they should go on a diet?  Especially from someone who is close to them and perhaps sees them undressed most days?  It can be terribly painful to have this kind of intervention, but it can also be painful to be the person who is giving the intervention.  My advice is to be honest with your loved one about what you’re feeling.  Are you frightened about your spouse’s health?  Do you see them struggling with body image and anxiety?  Sit them down, gently hold their hand, and tell them there are some great programs out there that can help without taking away from their enjoyment of life.  Mention Nutrisystem if you think your partner or friend would thrive off of a convenient and regimented program.  Gently mention you’ve been looking online, there are some coupons that you can download from sites like Falstad and, and it might not hurt to give it a try.

How to deal with resistance

There’s a chance your loved one will be completely open to your suggestion to try Nutrisystem, and maybe will even be grateful for your honestly, but most likely you’re going to experience resistance.  What if the person becomes angry at you, hurt, or pulls away?  Simply express that what you’re saying comes from a place of love and caring.  Reassure them that you love them the way they are, but you want to see them happy and healthy.  You can also say that you were reading about various programs and the Nutrisystem diet doesn’t sound too bad.  It might even save money on grocery bills this month.  If all else fails, offer to do it with them, or simply let the conversation drop.

Giving someone space after suggesting a diet program

Whether your loved one found your advice encouraging or embarrassing, it’s important to now give them the space they need to process your suggestion.  You should never badger them or bother them.  When someone is told what to do there’s a natural inclination to not do it, but when someone is offered a good suggestion about something that might help them, and then they are given space, they’re much more likely to come to a positive conclusion that benefits them in the long run.  Hopefully your loved one will give Nutrisystem a try.  Then you can pat yourself on the back for taking a gentle approach that worked.


Denmark said…
I can relate to this blog/post hehehe
jo-anne said…
I used to get mad when my hubby tells me to go on a diet. hehe. Acceptance and perseverance is the key.
Ruby said…
i am still hoping to lose weight some day..since i live in europe i already gained almost 20 kilos..this is a nice sharing! thanks sis.
Chubskulit Rose said…
My husband is trying very hard to lose some pounds before the end of this year.
Ria C said…
I know the feeling and sometimes, the "fat" jokes are funny anymore. It's getting to my nerves already.

I've been cutting back on my eating but not done regular exercise yet. I've just seen my doctor last week and he told me to lose the weight by regularly exercising for 6 days, at least 30-45 mins. I know I have to follow his advise. My only problem is the lack of determination and discipline.

I checked the Nutrisystem but they don't have it here in Dubai.