Probate and Trust Assistance

You will need the help of one of the best Palm Beach Probate Attorneys if someone dies in your family and his or her assets need to be distributed. If you're wondering what probate is, it's a process done legally through the help of a lawyer to distribute assets of value left behind by the deceased to members of his family.

It was only after I have read about one news story that I realized what happened to my husband's family before could be considered probate. My husband's aunt passed away a few years ago. She was single and she had no children. She suffered from aneurism and it was a rather sudden death because we never knew she had hypertension. It was her first attack and she never woke up after that. She never made a will and left behind a parcel of land, some jewelries and some money. One of the brothers (they were 5 and she was the only girl) was claiming that everything should be given to him because she stayed in a house he owned while she lived. Of course, the other brothers protested saying that everything should be left to the nephew and niece (both are children of the youngest brother) who grew up with her. She treated both as her own because their parents separated.

To avoid chaos, my husband's cousin who is a lawyer and the daughter of the eldest brother, took over. I think she even consulted this to some of her colleagues and to be fair to everyone, she decided to divide all their aunt's assets to all the children of the brothers. The parcel of land was divided among all the nephews; the jewelries were divided among all the nieces; and the money was given to the nephew and niece who grew up with her. Hubs' uncle was not able to contest the decision because it was the fairest decision she came up with

While probate can cost you money, it's the best thing you can do to avoid chaos in the family when a family member dies and leaves behind some valuable assets.