Turn Items at Home into Quick Cash

Whenever I am short of cash, there are only two things that come to mind quickly. Bake goodies to sell or dispose of some of the things we have at home that are not in use anymore. The first one, of course, requires a lot of work. Plus, it's not always easy to sell baked goodies unless there is a fair or it's the holiday season. Although I admit that I enjoy doing that, I can't always do it especially when I need the extra couple of bucks right away. It's easier to turn items at home into quick cash.

Nope, I am not talking about garage sales. That too, would take some time to convert all of the items you are disposing into cash. I am talking about the website I recently discovered, music Magpie US. The website buys old CDs, DVDs and games. You know how quickly game consoles update. Every year there is a newer console that comes out in the market and so are the games. These new games are pricey; I'm sure you know that.

To make quick cash, what I do is sell the old games that my boys (that includes my husband) don't like anymore. I have the music magpie app on my iPhone and I would just scan the barcode found at the back of the game and get an instant price. I send the items to them for free using their free shipping service labels and wait for my check. It's that easy.

If you're looking to earn extra, just turn some of your unwanted stuff into cash just like I do.


Ria C said…
I'm thinking of selling my stuff sis... Medyo need money and they're gathering dusts na.
mitch ryan said…
That's one good way to get rid of unused things.