Beyond the Tree: How to Use Christmas Ornaments for More

Most of us love to decorate our Christmas tree with ornaments and a beautifully decorated tree is understandably a focal point in the home during the festive period.

There are so many beautiful and unusual ornaments available it sometimes seems a shame to restrict their use to just the Christmas tree so why not look beyond the tree and consider some of these alternative ideas and uses for your ornaments.


Why not create a highly whimsical chandelier using ornaments that you already have in your collection and maybe searching out some new ones from

You will need to gather about sixteen individual ornaments and fix an eye-hook to the ceiling so that you have somewhere to hang your creation from. Tie a couple of ribbons which are about 3 foot long to the hook and attach two of the glass balls at each end by tying a knot.

Cut four more ribbons and which a couple of inches shorter than the first ones and tie them to the eye-hook so that they form a surround around the center balls. Continue to build-up your chandelier using about sixteen glass balls in total and then use a re-usable adhesive to secure them all together and there you have a highly decorative chandelier and a real talking point in the room.

Add sparkle to your window

Another great alternative use for ornaments is to create a window-hanging display fashioned from your personal choice of glass balls and joined together by ribbon which you can attach to the curtain rod.

If you have enough glass balls spare after you have decorated your tree, you might want to repeat the pattern across the width of the window to create a highly unique and decorative festive curtain.

Table decoration

If you are looking for something more festive than the fruit bowl on the dining table then why fill the bowl with decorative glass balls to bring the sparkle of Christmas from the tree to the table.

You could alternative use a cake platter if you prefer but whichever you choose, it is a good way of using your decorations and creating a theme that flows through the house.


Many of us like to hang a wreath on the front door so why not jazz it up a bit this year by adding some glass balls to the decoration or if you prefer, you could hang a glass ball or two from a ribbon which is tied to the door handle or hanging somewhere on the porch.


If you have some spare vases around then another perfect use for some decorative glass balls is to fill the vases with the decorations and then place them around the home to create that extra bit of Christmas sparkle. You could also use some glass balls to add to your candle decoration at the base or maybe even fill a cookie jar up with them in the kitchen and have it on your table through the festive period.

Christmas ornaments are so much fun and when you start to be creative, they have so many decorative uses beyond the tree. Susan Forlong loves the festive season. An interior designer by trade, she enjoys spreading the cheer through blogging.


Jhari said…
I always dream to have a wreath on the front door. It's so nice to look at :)
Marie said…
I like the chandelier idea! I am definitely doing that next holiday season :)
Ria C said…
I use the excess baubles and put them all in a nice, big fancy jars as table toppers and decorations. Such colorful display of festivity.
jo-anne said…
I'm so happy with my Christmas decoration this year, one of my favorite is the vase full of Christmas balls. :) so elegant!
Marie said…
Merry Christmas and Happy new year po in advance! :) My mom always make sure that there are sparkles in our window every year! ^_^
Eliz Frank said…
Lots of great decoration ideas. I usually love to get creative during this season but this year is quieter for us. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!