How to Deal with Neck Pain

Whether you have damaged your neck during a physical activity, automobile accident, or are suffering from chronic neck pain, there are a variety of treatment options that can help to improve your neck mobility and restore your quality of living. There are a variety of common ways to treat neck pain in Medford, OR, including the following:

• Pain medication and traditional treatment options
• Massage therapy
• Physical therapy
• Chiropractic care
• Homeopathic solutions

Applying Heat and Cold

Applying heat and pressure to the neck can help to provide quick pain relief. Your local pharmacy can provide a heating pad that you can use for 15-20 minutes at a time. In some cases, it can also be beneficial to apply ice for the first 24-48 hours following an injury. Your doctor or physical therapist can recommend whether you should be applying ice or heat and how frequently.

Neck Stretches and Exercises

Certain neck stretches and exercises can be extremely effective at treating a current problem and preventing a future issue. It is usually most beneficial to perform these stretches after a warm bath or shower.

Your doctor, chiropractor, or physical therapist can provide you with stretching techniques and routine exercise plans that you can complete from home to further the healing process. They can even recommend how you can change your posture and daily habits to provide quick relief to your neck and shoulders.

Professional Massages

Professional massages can help to deal with any areas of the body, including the neck, which may be causing you pain or discomfort. Be sure to let your masseuse know exactly what areas are bothering you so that they can provide the best services possible.

You don't always need to have a professional massage to enjoy the benefits of a massage. If your significant other cannot massage you, you can always give your neck a quick rubdown on your own. While this won’t provide exactly the same effects as a professional masseuse would, it can still help to quickly relieve the pain. Don't wait any longer to contact a physician about your neck pain in Medford, OR.