The Gift of Sauces

If you are the primary chef in your family, if you live and dine alone or frequently entertain, there's a chance that your repertoire of recipes has become a little mundane. It's generally quicker and easier to prepare old stand-bys than to experiment with something new. If you want to take the easy path to diversification of your recipes, browse through the variety of sauces that are available at places such as Hot Sauce mall. You can wake up a recipe and those who dine with you by adding a hotter than hot or a milder type of flavorful sauce to your standard recipe. Just be sure you know the heat level those eating with you can handle. You can use the chart that is conveniently provided to determine how hot each specific sauce is.

A fancy bottle of hot sauce, a jar of marinade or some seasoning blends make a great gift for anyone on your gift list who enjoys cooking. Pre-packaged gift sets are an excellent hostess gift or special occasion gift. It's always fun to find the one sauce that provides the true test for someone who brags that there's not a sauce too hot for them.

For a cook on a budget, the addition of a flavorful sauce can take a mundane, frugal meal to an entirely new level. The person preparing the meal can control how liberal to be with the sauce. Spices and sauces can wake up a meal without denting the food budget.


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