Ways for Seniors to Lose Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight is an important part of everyone's life. More and more information has become available to show just how devastating that obesity is on the body. This information has lead many people to begin to live a more active lifestyle to try and actively lengthen and improve their lives.

For senior citizens, it is often not as easy to get up and get active. They can be dealing with medical health issues, or even a lack of motivation due to things like joint pain. However, there are ways for seniors to get out and get healthy without making themselves uncomfortable.

Water aerobics classes are a great way for seniors to lose weight. Because of the water, it is considerably gentler on joints while still allowing for the same cardiovascular workout. It is also a way for seniors to meet other like-minded seniors. That sense of community can help them to stick with their workout routine.

The simplest way to lose weight for seniors is just by walking. A thirty minute walk each day is equal to how much exercise that national agencies suggest that people of all ages get. If they are unable to walk for thirty minutes, it can be broken down into three 10 minute walks each day.

When walking, it is important to have comfortable shoes for walking. A good pair of walking shoes will support the back and help lessen the chances of injury or joint pain.