Hubs' Sinus Story

My husband suffers from pain and pressure above his nose and between his eyes. For a long time, we thought that he was suffering from migraine headache because that's what their family doctor told him then. Well, it actually didn't matter what his doctor told him because he never took any meds whenever he had the headache. He would simply lie down and rest or take a nap and the pain would be gone.

It was only a couple of years ago that the headaches became severe. Sometimes it's too bad that he would rather stay at home than play bowling with some friends. He tried downing a paracetamol but it didn't help him. He also didn't like going to clinics, so there was no way I can help him with the pain.

I tried researching online about what could possibly cause his headache and for some relief. And that's when I learned that he might not be actually suffering from migraine headache, but sinus headache. To confirm this, I had to ask my cousin who's a doctor to come over and see if she could check on my husband. Sure enough, hubs suffers from sinus and not migraine. That took us a long time to discover!

For relief, my cousin asked him to try SUDAFED® and it worked wonders for him. Even the nasal stuffiness that usually comes with the headache was gone when he took it.

If you are experiencing headache pain that worsens with movement, like bending over, turning your head or lying down with nasal stuffiness, nasal discharge, cough and sore throat and fatigue; you are most probably suffering from sinus headache and not migraine headache. It would be best for you to consult a doctor so he can give you proper medication.

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