Cool Learning Tool for Toddlers

It's really great to know that Soleil and Sophie, who are barely 3 and still can't speak like normal kids their age do, is learning the alphabet. Yup, they are learning to say and write the uppercase letters, thanks to Preschool and Kindergarten learning kids games for girls & boys, an app developed by Kids Academy company. And they learned to speak and write the first three letters in just a couple of days!

That's when I decided to purchase the uppercase pack. I would have bought the whole pack on iTunes for $9.99, but I didn't want to overwhelm the girls. I thought a little at a time would be best. They were excited that they can open and trace all the letters. After a few days, they can write and say most of the letters. Of course, there are some difficulties as they still can't pronounce the letters F, J, Q, R, V, and W, but, you'll be surprised that they can write them. They also find the curves a little tough. Still, they manage to write the letters.

Then, I was given the opportunity to review the application. So, I purchased the full pack (the money I spent in purchasing the app will be reimbursed later). The girls' eyes went wide when they discovered that they can open all the features -- lower case, shapes, numbers and a whole lot more. I wouldn't be surprised anymore if after a few weeks, Soleil and Sophie can recite the alphabet (and I'm crossing my fingers they can say the words), know both the upper and lower case, learn the numbers and learn how to count, trace shapes, and write everything.

This app is highly recommended for parents who have toddlers. This is the fun and fast way to teach them letters, numbers and shapes. Kids can easily learn to read interactive ABC, alphabet tracing, numbers, shapes and many more.

Preschool and Kindergarten learning kids games for girls and boys can be downloaded for FREE via iTunes or Amazon.