Add a Bright Note Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting not only illuminates dark areas of your yard and patio, it adds a romantic, decorative touch. Choosing the right type of lighting can add beauty as well as security to your home.

Porch Lights
A wall mounted light over the door gives needed light when leaving the house to enter the yard or garage. This is especially important if there are stairs at the back of the house. If you have a roof overhang or extension, a pendant light or decorative ceiling fixture can provide a focal point as well as illumination. There are many attractive styles in hanging ceiling fixtures including period or modern pieces. Add a touch of elegance with an outdoor chandelier for dining al fresco. For low ceilings, choose a flush mounted style and add a plantation style ceiling fan.

Garden Lights
Add a romantic touch to your garden or walkway with garden lights. Fortunately, there are many attractive solar options so wiring is not necessary. Keep in mind that illumination will be less bright than with hard wired lights. Also expect a cooler hue than with incandescent lights.

Security Lights
Choose a combination outdoor light with a motion detector for added security. The light only comes on if an object blocks the sensor in the fixture. Most models have sensors that will not be set off by pets or backyard wildlife. Alternately, install a timer so lights go on and off at pre-set times. This provides security while saving on the electric bill.