Programs Geared to Help Further the Education of Nurses

The administrative costs to house paper sheets filled with medical records as well as the human resources needed to get that information quickly are immense expenses at many medical offices. With health informatics, nurses are able to find medical information with just a few clicks. Health informatics software stores medical data within health networks and allows a medical professional to securely access this information. This is very helpful for any medical situation, but in the case of an emergency, finding accurate medical information within a small time frame can save lives and cut medical costs.

If a student is finding this field in nursing interesting, there are several routes to go on to attain a proper education in health informatics. At UIC's nursing informatics program, for example, students can attain a master's degree in health informatics. A post-master's certificate in health informatics is available for any nurse who already has a master's degree. An education in health informatics is needed since the technical require analytical skills. This can include classes on how medical data is to be stored in the computer network or how to use specific computer programs and software. Students learn the procedures for the electronic communications between the nurse, doctor and medical administrators.

Since these programs are geared to help further the education of nurses with a bachelor's degree and a nursing career, there are many options to enroll in these master's programs. For example, many schools will offer night and weekend classes for their enrolled students. Others may allow the entire curriculum to be available online, which can help students learn the nursing material within their own schedule.

If a nurse wants to enter a rising sector in the nursing field, health informatics is a good choice. It provides numerous opportunities to utilize cutting-edge technology. Health informatics has the potential to cut costs and make health care much more efficient. Becoming a nurse trained in health informatics can help the nurse utilize their skills to make modern medicine more effective for all patients. >