Urgent Care On Campus

There are many frequently asked questions about urgent care facilities, and every student and faculty on campus must know how to access these facilities. Every student should read through the FAQs for the health services on campus, and everyone should make sure they understand how to gain access to these services when they need them.

Minor Illnesses

The minor illnesses that many people experience can become much worse if they are not treated in a timely manner. The best thing for every student and faculty member is to see a doctor as soon as possible to make sure they are not getting worse. Many people will try to manage their own cold or virus for a few days, but these few days could cause the problem to get much worse. The people who come to the urgent care facility will find that they are feeling better in a shorter period of time.


Any injury that occurs on campus should be treated in an urgent care facility as soon as the injury happens. The bandaging and care of these wounds should be done by a professional, and students or faculty should not wait to take care of these problems.

Also, the urgent care facility can help the students and faculty with broken bones when they occur. The broken bones can be x-rayed and splinted properly before people leave the facility.

When people are injured or sick on campus, they have a right to take advantage of the urgent care facilities on the campus. Each person should be seen by a medical professional when they are having a hard time with their health. There is no reason to go off campus for help, and there is no reason to not use a service that is paid for by the student's tuition.