Personal Injury attorney without complexity

Filing a personal injury claim in Texas requires the help of a qualified attorney. For Herrick Sovany, the key is to make the law accessible for clients while providing excellent legal representation during such a stressful time.

As a Personal Injury attorney in Houston, Mr. Sovany aids clients who have suffered distress, whether from physical or emotional injury. Many of his clients contact him seeking his legal assistance after injuries due to automobile accidents. As the fourth largest city in the United States, Houston's roadways are frequently the site of devastating auto wrecks.

The Texas Department Transportation reported that there were over 53,000 auto collisions in Houston alone, resulting in over 7,300 injuries. These accidents left many people with life altering changes in their physical mobility, ability to make a living wage and loss of a vehicle to and from work.

While the law may feel intimidating and confusing for clients, Mr. Sovany decided long ago that he would work to remove the jargon and complexities of filing a case for personal injury. He is determined to aid clients through the legal process and find a solution to a sudden and sometimes violent change in their lives.

Other clients seek Mr. Sovany's help following an accident in the workplace. Following an on the job injury most people are ill equipped emotionally to handle the process of fighting insurance companies and employers whose actions may have caused a client's injuries. With his help, a client can focus on healing while an experienced and dedicated legal representative works to find a remedy for those injuries.

Often, a person seeking to file a personal injury lawsuit feels like the little guy facing a giant of obstacles and closed doors. In order to level the playing field, clients can rely on an experienced and determined legal representative.

Clients can count of Mr. Sovany to make timely decisions on taking their case. Rather than waste a client's time or add to their anxiety, part of Mr. Sovany's honest and upfront approach is his ability to evaluate a case and make a solid decision on the best way to handle a client's representation. His years of experience as a legal professional in Texas and his dedication to provide a solution to clients guide him in making those decisions. Clients can rest assured that once Mr. Sovany has taken on their case that they are getting the most effective and personalized representation under Texas law.