Two Much of a Good Thing: Sparkling Ideas for Your Christmas Ornament Overload

The holiday season is here, and after lugging generations of ornaments down from the attic, you realize there are too many for one tree. The surplus of ornaments must serve another purpose.

It would be a Christmas sin to keep beautiful knickknacks away from the eyes of guests, yet you don’t want the tree to look like a gaudy mess. It’s not a bad thing to have too many ornaments. It’s a good thing, and way to spread more cheer.

Bowls of Holly

The tree would go nicely with a table bowl filled with complementary ornaments and seasonal elements. Place holly, evergreen branches, balls, garland, and other season essentials in an ornate bowl or pot. It’s a chic way to add season to the room, providing more focal points and ambiance.

Mailbox Greetings

The mailperson deserves a merry greeting when delivering through the season. Give them (and all visitors) a merry first impression by dressing your mailbox with wrapping paper. Hang personalized Christmas ornaments and balls from the box’s post with ribbon or thin string to accomplish a floating effect.

Two Trees

Families grow in number. So, why should those who celebrate the holidays settle on limited decor? If you have ‘too many’ ornaments, you have enough for more decor. Ask tree lot vendors for a deal, on not one, but two trees. Additionally, check sites like for savings on delivery and shipping.

Porch Presents

Arrange decorations within a large wreath and place it on the front door with a hook. Nothing provides a warmer winter welcome more than a huge wreath, dressed in ornaments, ribbons, etc.

Dressed Staircase

Wrap ribbon around the handle of the staircase and hang ornaments and balls between the rungs using string and small tacks. The little things make a huge impression and give visitors a warmer feeling during the holiday season.

Mantle Pieces

Arrange decorations across the mantelpiece. To add Christmas appeal, use artisan’s glue to drape red and green felt over wood or brick surfaces. Place angels, reindeers, and Santa figurines along with seasonal balls and ribbon.

Disco Christmas Ball

Use a large-sized Christmas ball and multi-colored ribbons to create a disco ball effect in your hallway. It’s snazzy and makes the most of an over-supply of balls and decorations.

Charming Chairs

Add Christmas charm to your everyday chairs by draping green and red blankets over them and fastening with colorful ribbons. Use blankets that are large enough to provide both comfort and eye candy to seasonal visitors.

Winter Windows

Buy fake snow and spray on windowpanes to create a winter wonderland from the inside. Add ornaments to the windowsill and spell season greetings by arranging small pieces of Christmas candies.

Customized Gifts

Add to the allure of wrapped gifts by placing ornaments on the top and sides. Many give out presents during the season, but it’s incredibly unique to receive a gift dressed in your favorite colors or featuring your name spelled in glitter. Find personalized Christmas tree ornaments online to make someone feel especially thankful this season.

Wreaths as Gifts

Buy wreaths wholesale. Rather than presents, give neighbors and family members decorative wreaths using the surplus of ornaments. This provides friends and family with the sentiments of the season and gives them something decorative to use next season.


Add season to your kitchen tablemats. Use hot glue to attach pieces of ribbon, tree, Christmas balls and other ornaments. For a personal touch, spell family member’s names or make seasonal sentiments using glitter.

Bathroom Cheer

Spread the cheer to the guest bathroom. Wrap ornate ribbon around the base and tank of the toilet. Add fake snow to the mirror. And, hang a number of balls and d├ęcor from the ceiling with ribbon. The holiday season is the time to spread cheer. So spread seasonal sentiments throughout the inside and exterior of your home. There’s no such thing as ‘too much’ holiday cheer.

Helen Moser has been decorating for the holidays she started making her own pieces out of construction paper and glitter at school. With years of experience and a keen eye for style, she often blogs about her tips and tricks for pulling together the best holiday decor for today's spaces.