A Job Helping Others

A degree in social work has several advantages. It only takes a few years to obtain a degree in the field. When you begin working, you will see that your career makes a difference in the lives of all you touch. You can obtain a degree at schools like Case Western University.

There are numerous job opportunities when you graduate, and the pay scale is higher than average. There is also room for advancement in the field. One of the places you can make a difference is in a school. some of the children in the school need to talk to someone about their home life. When they can't talk to their teachers, you will be the first person they come to in order to tell someone about possible fighting and other instances of neglect. Your job is to report any concerns to the proper authorities, but you need to make sure the concerns are legitimate. When you talk to the child, you will see that you are someone who the child can trust as long as you don't judge the situation.

If you don't want to work with children, you can get a job in a hospital. When people enter the hospital with thoughts of suicide, you will be the one to talk to them about why they might want to cause harm. There are also patients who might need to make decisions about their health if they are in the final stages of a disease. They will need someone to talk to about their final wishes and how to let their family know about the diagnosis. At the same time, you can help family members of loved ones deal with the grief of the imminent death of the patient.

Another option is working in a department of social services. In a department like this, you are faced with several types of people who are looking for help. You might deal with people who need help with food or housing. There are also situations where you might need to visit a family with children who are being abused or neglected. This is a job where you know that you will help others every day.