Lavender with a Twist

When it comes to arranging flowers in the most modern way, more and more floral experts like Bloominous, an online flower shop that specializes in DIY floral arrangements, are skipping the vase. Just take a look at these freestanding mini bouquets. They showcase each bloom's beauty from blossom to stem. You can even dry them after your gathering to create a lovely, long-lasting nosegays.

To do: Cut lavender stems to 7 inches. Then arrange them in your hand, twirling as you add one bloom at a time at a diagonal, so the stems form a spiral. The lower you grasp them the larger in circumference the bouquet will be. When the arrangement is the size you desire, bind the blooms with a rubber band and tie with a sweeping length of ribbon. To keep it from toppling, gently spread the stems at the base. Then gently turn the nosegay upside down and use shears to trim the bottoms of the center flowers, making them slightly shorter than the surrounding blooms. The longer outer stems will create a stable foundation that ensures the bouquet stays erect.

And if you think those pretties are not enough to mesmerize your guests, give plain napkin rings a stylish update with lovely mini lavender wreaths. Simply cover the rings with 5" cuttings of lavender and secure with wire. To keep the blooms from shedding, give the finished circle two coats of aerosol hair spray.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.