The Advantages of Artificial Grass

Having and maintaining a beautiful lawn is a daily chore for many who value the appearance of their lawn as much as the appearance of their home. Keeping all of the grass and foliage in top health and maintaining all of it is time consuming, expensive and can be frustrating and exhausting at times. In the middle of summer, trimming shrubbery and mowing grass is sometimes required two or three times per week. But, there are alternatives that can provide the same quality appearance with little or no maintenance.

Imagine a lawn that looks perfectly manicured every day without having to be touched. Does it sound too good to be true? Artificial grass is the optimal choice for the most discerning of business professionals or homeowners. Synthetic grass products, which are all produced in the USA, have the look and feel of real grass, but they offer numerous advantages when compared to real grass.

Synthetic grass is not vulnerable to "silver dollars" or other invasive weeds. Nor is it vulnerable to bug infestations that can destroy a beautiful lawn in days. If the grass is in direct sunlight, there are types of synthetic grass made specifically for exposure to the UV rays without losing its beauty. And, you will save water, especially in the summer, because a synthetic lawn never needs to be watered.

Artificial Turf Supply is one company that is expert in the field of recommending and providing the exact type of synthetic grass for your project. Whether the project involves commercial use - a golf course, a turf surrounding the entrance to a gated community or other similar uses - or personal use, such as your own yard, the experts at Artificial Turf Supply are ready to answer your questions and help you design the yard of your dreams.

The products offered at Artificial Turf Supply are of the highest quality and are safe for children and pets. There are types of synthetic grass for the pet owner whose pet may need to use the bathroom on the lawn - no problem. There are specific types of synthetic grass that are meant to be in direct sunlight and sustain damaging UV rays. Durability and high quality are the main elements that you can expect from the professionals at Artificial Turf Supply. With over 130 service locations, nationwide shipping, next day shipping and customer service professionals always ready to assist you, Artificial Turf Supply Commercial and Residential Division is the right choice.