Disaster Preparedness

Time and weather must really been changing. We're used to tropical storms because we get a lot of that all through out the year. What worries me is those storms have gotten really strong over the past few years; too strong that they have left a lot of casualties. The places that never experienced flooding were left submerged in water for days. Scary, isn't it?

We're lucky enough to be residing in a higher place and we've never experienced floods. I don't want to be too complacent though. There may be no floods in our area, but we have experiences lost of power for days. Imagine 14 days without power? Yup, that's the longest power outage we've experienced here. It was very difficult, especially that the kids need to go to school. I had to heat their water using the stove and carry the pot all the way to the bathroom upstairs.

So that's why my husband and I decided to solve the problem. Just in case it happens again [and I'm sure it will], we have to be ready. My husband immediately contacted Century fuel products. We've asked around and this company is the most recommended by friends. They are a leading supplier of tri-fuel portable generators and tri-fuel conversion kits here and abroad. These things run on natural gas, gasoline or propane. We chose gasoline because, it's the easiest to get around here.

We've experienced several storms after we've bought the generator, and although power outages only lasted for hours, it didn't let us down. It does not give off noxious fumes and it's very quiet. It makes us feel good that we are prepared just in case power will be out for days. How about you? Are you prepared for disasters, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and massive power outages? Century fuel products are very affordable and easy to use. It doesn't even take an expert to operate their generators. And should you decide to convert it from gasoline to propane, kits are available to make the conversion easier for you. You can check out the site for more information.