Protect Yourself Against Ticks

Ticks and mosquitoes may be invading your outdoor time and making your garden less welcoming during the summer. Ticks prefer warm, humid climates and are most active between April and September. The best solution is to contact a professional, such as, to rid your garden of the pests.

Why Ticks Are a Problem

Many people are not aware of the problems ticks can cause. When they bite, they can infect the host with Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Erlichiosis. They don’t fly, but they live in the bushes and piles of wet leaves and attach themselves to pets and clothing. Unlike mosquitoes, ticks will remain on the host as long as they can, and once they enter your home, they may live there for extended periods.

Some Prevention Tactics

There are several things you can do to prevent ticks from ruining your outdoor fun.

• Ticks don’t like the sun. Keep your garden free of piles of wet leaves, wood chips and other debris in shady places where ticks thrive. Keep your patio and play equipment away from such areas and keep your lawn short.
• Deer are very attractive to ticks. If you live near a wooded area where deer live, it is recommended that you choose plants and shrubs that don’t attract deer to your garden.
• You can regularly search the places in your garden where ticks may hide, such as fences, brick walls and retaining walls.
• If you have a dog that runs free in your garden, you can ask your veterinarian about sprays that will repel ticks from attaching themselves to your pet.
• Professional tick control not only uses sprays to kill adult ticks on contact, it will also install tick tubes. They are biodegradable and contain treated cotton that mice use to build their nests. These help remove the tick nymphs found by the hundreds in mouse nests. When the ticks look for their first blood meal from the mice, they are exposed to the treated cotton and eliminated.

You can also use sprays on your clothing and skin to repel ticks, but this isn't a permanent solution when you use your outdoor area every day. The professionals know the right timing for the different stages of development of the pests as well as the quantity required. These pests can cause serious health issues and can be avoided with the right treatment.