What is Sports Therapy

Many people are aware that sports therapy is key to helping athletes recover after injuries. However, what many people aren’t aware of is that sports therapy offers many more benefits to those who are professional athletes as well as those who are not that help them prevent injuries as well as enhance physical performance.


One of the most important roles that sports therapists take on is helping people prevent injuries. In most cases, these services are offered to those who participate in regular athletic activity. In this duty, therapists will perform physicals on individuals in order to determine whether there is a risk for injury. In addition, they may recommend different activities to help you build the strength and endurance necessary to compete in a healthy way.


Sports physical therapists are often relied upon heavily to assess and diagnose sports related injuries, both acute and chronic. They often have a more in-depth knowledge of specific neuromuscular conditions and can provide insight not only into the type of injury sustained but in helping physicians and surgeons make post treatment assessments as to your fitness to return back to physical activity.

Treatment And Rehabilitation

Of course, one of the main tasks that sports therapists are tasked with is the treatment of various sports related injuries. In general, sports therapists work with physicians to design a customized treatment approach that will help you get back on your feet and moving again as quickly as possible.

Performance Enhancement

In addition to providing pre and post injury care, sports therapists help athletes improve performance. Thanks to their deep understanding of the neuromuscular system and their ability to assess the strengths and weaknesses of an individual athlete’s various systems, they can make recommendations for various exercises, activities and other therapies that can produce better results during competition. For example, competitive long distance runners are required to have endurance and a strong cardiovascular system. Sports therapists can help athletes improve performance by measuring the performance of key systems and recommending activities to improve these key metrics.

Sports therapy is a necessary and vital part of the medical community. It is designed to help people of all backgrounds move better and improve physical health and performance. If you are an athlete or are recovering from a neuromuscular injury, having a sports therapist on your side will ensure that you recover better and faster than ever thought. Before signing up for therapy, learn more about the difference that sports therapy can make in your life today.