3 Reasons Why Sonography in Adelaide is a Great Idea For Your Family

Ultrasonography, which is commonly referred to as sonography, uses high frequency sound waves to produce visual images from within the body. It’s often used to look at organs and tissues, as well as unborn children. And while sonograms are often used to determine the health and sex of a baby, these days parents can use sonography in Adelaide to begin creating family memories from very early on. If you’re looking for sonography to guide you through your pregnancy, here are 3 reasons why sonography in Adelaide is your best option.

1. 3D and 4D ultrasound service. The sonography offered in Adelaide includes unique 3D and 4D Foetal photos. These types of images create far crisper and clearer pictures to help you to better see your child throughout his early development. 3D and 4D allows you to see your baby yawn, stretch, and sleep – visions you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.

2. Memories for a lifetime. One of the benefits of getting a sonography in Adelaide is that you can take your images home with you, and begin your family memory book earlier than you ever thought possible. Rather than a grainy black and white image, which is used to determine health issues of your baby, the 3D and 4D images given during your Adelaide sonogram will be in color and will offer far more detail than you thought possible, thus making these pictures worthwhile contributors to your family album.

3. Designed for memories, but health is still a concern. The sonograms performed in Adelaide are not designed to be a medical scan. However, a senior accredited diagnostic sonographer with extensive experience and training performs all scans. As such, the sonographer is able to determine if there is something concerning that appears during the procedure. If this does occur, the sonographer will contact your doctor so that they can proceed with their own investigation.

Sonograms have been used for decades to help determine the health and wellness of babies in utero. But as technology has progressed, so too has the possibility to create far more refined and richer images of your baby during his earliest stages of development. Parents who choose sonography in Adelaide discover that they bond with their children as a result of these detailed images. That’s why so many parents-to-be in Adelaide turn to Before You Were Born for their sonogram needs. Learn and see what they have to offer by visiting them at http://www.beforeyouwereborn.com.au/.