What’s so Special about California’s Food?

The main hallmarks of California cooking are freshly prepared local ingredients and a fusion of many different kinds of cuisine. Foodies like Max Gorin can tell you the people who settled California from Mexico, Italy, China, France and Japan all contributed to the wonderful flavors of California fusion cuisine. Most chefs in California focus on healthy food which is low in saturated fats and high in fresh fruits and vegetables with super-fresh seafood and lean meats. All of the above is served to the guest in a delightful and artistic presentation.

Taste for Yourself

There are hundreds of food festivals throughout the state every year. Here are a few of the most popular in Southern California where you can get a taste of the real thing, and learn how to make it yourself.

Food and Wine Festival Palm Desert in March

This festival is organized by Palm Springs Life and includes chefs from all over the country for three days of culinary and wine tasting in Palm Desert, California. It showcases the Coachella Valley as one of the ultimate culinary destinations in the country. James Beard presents a four course luncheon on the first day and there is extensive wine and beer tasting throughout.

VinDiego Wine and Food Festival in April

San Diego becomes the epicenter for food and wine for two days in April. The top wineries and restaurants present their fare that includes fresh seafood including sushi, organic farm fresh meals, designer burgers and more.

The Fallbrook Avocado Festival in April

California is famous for its avocados, and the heavenly fruit is the mainstay of Fallbrook, California. No wonder the town has an annual festival showcasing the many uses of avocados. This is your chance to taste the myriad ways avocados can be prepared. There are contests for preparing avocados including the best guacamole as well as a variety of avocado products to sample.

Chili Cook-Off and Classic Car Show in April

Chili and cars are the center of this festival in Thousand Oaks, California. You’ll taste some of the best chili ever made and get a chance to vote on your favorite. There are official judges as well as people’s choice awards. There will also be an exhibition of cars from all over the world and live music.

Vintage Bouquet Food and Wine Extravaganza in April

This delightful festival in Beverly Hills, California showcases hors d’oeuvres created by the top chefs in the locality as well as California’s premium wines. There is also a silent auction and live music. The event is sponsored by the Beverly Hills Bar Association, and all of the proceeds go to the Los Angeles community for free legal advice and help for victims of domestic violence and other individuals who may need legal aid.

Taste of Huntington Beach in April

This event showcases the huge variety of local restaurants and catering services in Huntington Beach. Along with the fantastic food, samples from local breweries and wineries are also served. There is live entertainment, and it promises to be a great party. Here’s your chance to get a real sampling of local California cooking. The proceeds go to The Children’s Library of Huntington Beach.

With these convenient festivals available, you don’t have to go to every restaurant in the state to get an idea of the amazing variety and flavors of California cooking.