Learn Spanish the Easy Way with Wlingua! #SpanishCourseWlingua

I used to struggle in Spanish back when I was in college. Yup, back here the language is usually learned during college, although there are some schools that offer it for grade and high school students. I learned the basics, but since I have not used it for eons, I had forgotten it. I can only remember a few Spanish words.

While I was going through my emails, I was invited to download and review Wlingua. It's a FREE app that you can download to your Android or iOS device. You can learn different language through the app, but I chose Spanish.

I was prompted to register as soon as I opened the application. As soon as I was logged in, I was asked to choose the level I want. I chose to skip it since I will be back to square one. Oh yes, learning from the beginning. Wlingua already has the course set up for Castilian Spanish, the Spanish from Spain. But if you prefer learning Spanish Mexico, you only need to click the change button and you're all set.

Lesson 1 is learning about nouns, the gender of nouns, articles, adjectives, plural, Ser (naming ourselves and its uses), demonstratives and basic sentences like saying hello and introducing yourself.

There are 42 lessons offered and by the time you get to the last lesson, I'm sure you have already learned a lot.

My Thoughts

The graphics are very clear and the voice that prompts you to learn is very clear and easy to understand. I like that you will not only learn the Spanish words, but you will learn the correct pronunciation as well. And because it's an app that you have on your smartphone or tablet, you can go back to each lesson as often as you want.

How I wish we had this when I was still in school. Learning Spanish would have been a lot easier and quicker.


Overall, I had fun with Wlingua. It's very easy to use and understand. If you are looking for an application to learn Spanish the easy way or you want to refresh what you have already learned, this app is what you need. The photos are very clear and the voice prompts are easy to understand. Another good thing about the app is you can also study using your laptop. I highly recommend this.

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Disclosure: I downloaded the app FREE of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions are 100% my own. However, I only recommend products that I have used and believe to be good for my readers.


Exploring the Spanish language is a gateway to vibrant cultures and meaningful connections. Embrace the challenge, savor the linguistic journey, and unlock a world of opportunities.