Mel's Wedding

With only a couple of months away from her wedding, my cousin Mel is panicking because she hasn't found the perfect wedding dress. Oh believe me, she has seen and tried a lot already, but she still can't decide. I already told her to check the stunning A-Line Wedding Dresses that I saw online because I just knew this type of dress would suit her figure well. Although the site offers a lot of other designs such as cheap A-Line Wedding Dresses, beautiful ball gown wedding dresses, princess ball gown wedding dresses, and Ball Gown Wedding Dresses, she's petite and very slim and I've seen how an A-line dress looked perfect on her.

But, oh well. She insists she wants to look at the Ball Gown Wedding Dresses for a change. Well, I have nothing against this type of wedding dress. Princess ball gown wedding dresses are actually very pretty. I, for one wore a beautiful ball gown wedding dress when I got married. It's just that she looks stunning in A-line dresses. But then again, it's her wedding, so ball gown wedding dresses we will check.

We are all hoping though, that she'll find the dress. Time is running out and if she is that meticulous, we are all afraid, she might not have enough time.

This is probably the most stressful family wedding we will ever have. Mel is very indecisive and that makes all of us, her cousins, very nervous, too.