7 Design Trends for 2015

Trying to get out of a decor rut? Try out these design trends this year.

1. Reach for blue hues. Bold shades of blue seem to be having a moment. Rich and royal, the color is ideal for one main wall in a large room. Or, select certain items to order in blue and leave the rest of the room neutral. If you don’t end up loving the blue touches, you won’t be stuck with an enormous painted wall.

2. Paint the ceiling a new color. When people update their interior design, they usually forget to look up. A lot can be done on the upper part of the walls and the ceiling. Your kids will love seeing their cool ceiling from their loft bunk beds!

3. If you want to stick with a neutral theme but nothing is quite the right hue, consider “greige,” which is gray-beige. Sticking with a neutral also makes bold border colors pop, which is great if you’re just dabbling in color.

4. Add wooden elements to your decor. Wood doesn’t have to look rustic anymore. This year, it’s getting a chic upgrade, and it’s fancy enough for even a formal dining room. For a super modern look, find wooden furniture with a noticeable grain.

5. If you love rustic decor but don’t want anything that’s too worn down, look for wooden furniture in red-brown tones, as well as pieces with copper finishings. These have rustic undertones without looking too shabby.

6. Splurge on a rug from Turkey or Morocco, two countries that are known for quality, beautiful textiles. Look online for great deals. Ideally, if you know someone who’s planning a trip, ask them to come back with one for you! You’ll save a bundle on shipping costs.

7. Don’t have enough room on the floor for that rug, but don’t want to get rid of it? Hang it on the wall! Rugs make fantastic tapestries and can truly change the look of a room.

Want to give a new trend a shot? Try it out in your living room, which is usually more open, space-wise, and used less often than other rooms.