Helping Others Through Poverty

When you think about the number of people in the United States, you might not think about the number of people who are living in poverty. These might be people who have jobs but don't make enough money to support their family or have lost a job and are unable to find something else. There are people who are disabled and unable to work. Those who live in poverty struggle to pay their bills. They often find it hard to pay rent or a mortgage, keep the electricity turned on or put food on the table. When looking at Sukanto Tanoto's site and others that focus on philanthropy, you can see that there are several ways to help those who are living from one check to another.

One of the ways to help those who are living in poverty is to help with shelter. This can be done in various ways. Shelters can be opened to give people a place to stay if they aren't able to pay for rent for a home of their own. Some cities are building small homes so that those who are homeless have somewhere to stay. These homes are often made from sheds, but they have water and electricity. This is a small area, usually only large enough for one person, but it's a way for those who don't have a roof over their head to have a place to stay.

Another way to help is by providing food. There are soup kitchens that are usually set up in most cities that serve meals at least once a day. Some of these kitchens will serve meals three times a day, but most of them are only open for lunch and supper. There are food pantries in churches and community centers that have food boxes to give to people. The amount of food depends on the number of people in the family. You can help by donating food to the pantry or growing food in a garden to donate to those in need. You can also hold a food drive or suggest a food drive to a school or church.

After people have the food and shelter they need, they start looking for ways to clothe their bodies. Some people have the bare minimum. They might not have clothing to wear when it's cold that will keep them warm. Children sometimes go to school without coats to keep them warm in the winter or hats and gloves. Some organizations have clothing drives with the items collected going to local schools and shelters. One of the things that you can do is clean out your closet and donate the items that you or your children can no longer wear or that you aren't interested in wearing anymore. Someone who doesn't have much or doesn't have the extra money to get clothing will appreciate anything that they can get whether it's new or used. This also goes for holidays as you can donate toys and stuffed animals to those in need.