Spring Skiing Strategies for Family Fun

Spring is associated with returning birds, baseball diamonds, and a reason to clean the screens on your windows. However, those who love to ski spend the remaining days with snow on the ground racing down mountains. Better than doing it alone, a number of families head to ski destinations in the springtime. But, before you head to the hills, read the following strategies related to the seasonal sport.

Early Bird

It’s always a good strategy to be first on the hill, especially after a fresh coat of powder falls, yet it’s especially smart to be first in the spring. Since the snow gets loose and soft as the day goes on, it’s better (and safer) to get the majority of runs behind you in the beginning of the day. As an added bonus, arriving early is sure to score you an exceptionally convenient parking spot.

Choose Wisely

Choosing particular trails is another spring ski strategy. Those at lower elevations and facing south will feature softer and wetter conditions. Head to your favorite trails first before conditions grow poor. Moreover, since conditions will worsen throughout the day, conserve your legs and energy for the trails you enjoy the most.

Get High

Climb higher as the day gets longer, since the upper portion of the mountain will host the trails that will be the last to feature shoddy conditions. This is especially good to consider when skiing with smaller children who are more prone to injury or hurt feelings if they are not skiing well.

Same Protection

Use the same gear and level of protection reserved for the winter. However, since it is spring and the sun is stronger, don’t leave the sunscreen back at your choice of Jackson Hole luxury hotels and use a liberal amount. Remember to protect your lips too. The sun’s reflection off of the snow can cause a serious case of raccoon eyes for those wearing goggles and a wicked burn upon those with fair skin.

Shadow Rider

The sun feels great on your face in the spring, but when skiing during this time of year, it’s smarter to head into the shadows. Just as snow will be more firm at higher altitudes, patches of snow that are hidden from the sun will be firmer and less slushy.

Layer Clothing

It’s always smart to wear layers when skiing, since weather patterns and conditions change throughout the day. Yes, you’ll be skiing atop snow, often associated with cold weather, yet the spring sun and hours filled with exercise are sure to work up a sweat. Avoid material, like cotton, that is prone to wetness and that traps sweat inside. Alternatively, seek materials that wick sweat off of the body and keep you warm and comfortable throughout the day.

Stay Hydrated

Bring along a daypack, or stop for plenty of water and refreshments throughout the day. In addition to feeling fatigued from the exercise, spring skiers are more susceptible to dehydration. This is an added concern when skiing with children who are too excited and concentrated on skiing to think about their health or taking a break from all the fun.

Kevin Webster conducts tours in Wyoming. He likes writing about his experiences on the web. His articles are available on many travel and vacation sites.