In modern times, children's toys are completely different from how they were just a decade ago. Now, you will often see four year olds on iPads and iPhones playing video games with all sorts of lights and sounds. You have to wonder if this is really what is best for children. Childhood toys, at least way back when, were so wonderful because of their ability to help foster imagination and creativity in children.

Technology may make toy shopping easy and fun, but you should still try to seek toys that will make your child think and motivate him to be creative. Here are three toys for children that will give you the best of both worlds.

1. Folkmanis puppets (Australia). During the growing process, kids will discover that they can control their arm and hand movements. You may have observed that babies will reach their arms out to try to grab objects. Folkmanis puppets help out with this process of discovery, as well as being great for motor skill development. Kids love these, as there is a huge variety, including witch puppets and eagle puppets. The quality is topnotch, and they are safe for child's play.

2. Wood toys. Toys made of wood are a classic favorite among children's toys and come with many perks. They do not hurt the planet, and they are child-friendly. You likely know that children often put small objects in their mouths. This makes many toys dangerous, particularly potentially toxic plastic toys. However, if your child likes to chew toys, wooden toys are safer for this purpose. Wooden toys can come in a variety of forms, including various shapes of blocks and buildings. They can basically be anything under the sun, and they are the safe and fun choice for any child.

3. Puzzles. Most people think instantly of jigsaw puzzles when puzzles come to mind. However, there are many different kinds of puzzles, including the windmill stacker. This one will challenge your child and really make him think. There are also more complex puzzles that your child can enjoy at an older age.

Although you can keep modern technology in the life of your child, keep in mind that toys should help with growth and development. The 3 Cheeky Monkey has all sorts of toys that fit this bill and that are also a lot of fun. You can see for yourself at


Marina said…
Puzzles, definitely! I also wrote a blog post about simple toys for kids, I think that we should focus more on those kind of toys, forget about technology sometimes..