Kids Email Review

When it comes to the internet and our kids, we want to take all the necessary steps to keep our kids safe online. What with cyber bullying and thousands of porn and gambling sites out there, we naturally want to make sure our children are using sites that are kid friendly. Thankfully, there is a safe e-mail service designed and written specifically for kids to help protect them online.

Product Features:

Mail Monitoring 
Parents are able to receive a copy of all incoming and/or outgoing email that is sent to/from your child. This is a simple setting that can be enabled/disabled if desired.

Time Restrictions
You can choose to restrict the times of the day and the days of the week that your child can log in. You can even ground your child for a certain period of time and display a custom message when they attempt to log in.

Contact Manager
You can add contacts family and friends contactto your child's list. You can also deny the sending and/or receiving of emails to/from anyone not belonging to your child's contact list (configurable).

The Mail Queue
The Mail Queue allows the parent to intercept an email that failed the safety rules that you set for your child (such as someone not in their contact list attempting to send an email). The parent can then approve the email be sent to your child or deny and remove the email from the mail queue.

No Ads
Kids Email don't offer ads, so your child won't see anything inappropriate.

GPS Tracker
For kids that use the free mobile app with a GPS enabled mobile device, parents get a historical location of where your kids have been.

Custom mailbox
Folder Your child can create their own custom mail folder to organize received email.

My Thoughts

This is such a cool tool for kids to stay safe online. It's easy to use, plus you get to monitor your child's online activities. Not that you want to snoop, but just to make sure that he or she is not being bullied online or seeing inappropriate things.

It only took me seconds to register and add my kid. Once you've added your child's email account, it will automatically take you to the safety settings page for that child. After setting it up, it's ready to use. What's even more fun is your child can choose his or her template. There are 4 templates to choose from -- 1 for boys, 1 for girls, 1 for younger children and 1 for older children.

Overall, this is a great medium for kids to stay safe online. If you're trying to introduce your kids to the email and the internet, this is the safest way to do it. It's FREE for the first 30 days. If you liked the service and you wish to continue, you can sign up for the annual or monthly subscription.

Where to get it?

You can sign up for free at the Kids Email website. The annual subscription costs $38.95 with one month free and up to 6 email accounts. The monthly subscription costs $4.95 per month with up to 4 email accounts.

To know more about Kids Email and its wonderful features, please visit the following:


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Dr. Cadieux said… is a great way to introduce the little ones to email and to keep them and your home computer as safe as possible. Older kids will also find it useful until they discover how to open their own Hotmail account without their parents knowing.