Pick Your Perfect Hair Extension

Having a short hair is not a problem anymore if you want to change your hairstyle. Hair extensions are huge these days and the good thing about this is you can easily do it yourself. Plus, there are so many styles you can choose from.

There are two options for hair extensions: the permanent method where the hair extension can be glued or weaved and the clip in hair extensions. The latter is more popular because it is easier to do and won't cause damage to your hair. You simply attach the extension to your hair with pressure sensitive clips and you can have long beautiful hair in an instant.

The best hair extensions are definitely cheaper than the permanent ones and they are low on maintenance, too. These can be perfectly matched with your own hair and they look so natural, no one would ever suspect that you are wearing hair extensions. Read below for some tips before you decide to buy hair extensions.

The right color. Take a good look at your hair and I suggest you do this in the daylight. The top layers (near the roots) of your hair is usually darker, so pay attention to the bottom inches of your hair. This is where you will match the color of the hair extension because this is where you will attach the hair extension.

The hair thickness. If you have thick hair, choose an extension that would match the volume of your hair. That way, your hair extension would look more natural.

The texture of your hair. Is it straight, wavy or curly? Most hair extensions you will find on the market are usually straight. If you have wavy or curly hair, you may have your hair straightened or have your your extensions wavy or curly as well.

The length. It is easier to blend clip in extensions with shoulder length hair. It is even better when your hair is longer. But of course, it's those who have shorter hair who want to have longer hair. You still can. The secret is to layer short hair and curl the hair extension to blend perfectly.