Tips for Setting Up a New Coffee Shop

An owner who is in the process of setting up a new coffee shop has a never-ending list of things to do. One of the most important things is to plan the look of the shop. The goal is to establish a comfortable setting that encourages customers to sit down and relax with their coffee. If they do this, there is a good chance they will purchase other items. There are a lot of elements that go into establishing an inviting tone in a coffee shop. Take a look at what owners should consider as they set up their coffee shop.

The Color Scheme

Many owners choose neutral or soft colors for their shop. Customers who walk in are greeted by soothing colors that make them relax though they may not consciously be aware of it. The seat cushions, furniture, counters and even the menu should all contribute to this pleasant atmosphere. Plus, a coffee shop owner should take care in choosing the colors worn by employees. These colors should flow with the color scheme of the coffee shop. Owners who have a particular look in mind for their cups, saucers, bowls and more may want to shop a quality store that offers coffee shop supplies.

The Music

Most coffee shops have some type of music for their customers. Some choose to play calming guitar music over the speakers while other shops may choose a soft rock station. It’s a good idea to have music playing at a low level so it sets the mood of the establishment in a subtle way.

The Arrangement of Tables

Depending on the preferences of an owner, a coffee shop may have several round tables, a few booths and an outdoor sitting area. An owner should create an arrangement that allows a customer plenty of room to move around. The tables should be arranged so people can easily move between them. Also, the seats in a booth should be big enough for guests to relax and put their items beside them as they enjoy coffee with a friend.

The appearance of a coffee shop has a lot to do with whether a customer will pay a return visit to the store. An owner who takes care planning the store and choosing items for it will likely be pleased with the number of customers who visit each day.