Planning a Dream Vacation? Look to Resorts First

While you can always stay in an ordinary hotel, staying in a resort lets you fulfill your wishes for a dream vacation. Where else will you find breathtaking views right outside your window and dozens of activities right outside your door? As there are many different types of resorts out there, you might want to look at which type is right for you before booking your stay.

Mountain Resorts

When you love strapping on a pair of skis and taking off down the slope, mountain resorts are the best option for you. Some resorts even offer ski-out access, which lets you open your door and get right out on the mountain. If you need a little extra help for yourself or a loved one, you can sign up for skiing or snowboarding lessons from a trained pro. Mountain resorts may offer some other great amenities too, including hot chocolate served near a roaring fireplace, horse-drawn carriage rides through the snow and snowshoes that you can rent to explore the area around the resort.

Beach Destinations

Instead of heading to the mountains for cold temperatures and snowy scenery, consider hitting the beach for some fun in the sun. Resorts located near the water give guests rooms that overlook the ocean and put you just steps away from the sand. You may even find that the resort offers scuba diving and snorkeling lessons or fishing excursions. Some offer glass bottom boat rides as well. Try looking for resorts that let you rent a cabana or an umbrella for use on the beach too, which helps you take a break from the sun.

Casino Options

Resort companies like Blue Green Resorts Getaways provide gamblers with great vacation options. Imagine rolling out of bed and heading downstairs to find all your favorite table games, card games and slot machines right in front of you. You'll have fun playing all those games and trying to beat the house. When you need a break from the excitement of the floor, most resorts offer amenities like bars, nightclubs and concert venues. You can take in a comedy show, see your favorite band play or just have a few drinks before you dance the night away.

Cruise Packages

Did you know that there are packages that combine all the benefits of a cruise with a resort? Think of these facilities as resorts that sail through the crystal clear blue waters of the ocean. After getting a good night's sleep in your own stateroom, you can explore the ship and find something different on each floor. You might find a casino on one floor, multiple restaurants on the next and an in ground pool on the top deck. Most cruise resorts offer special activities too, including arts and crafts classes and shore excursions.

Family Venues

Let your kids have fun at a resort designed just for families. These resorts may offer babysitting and activities that give you a break from your kids, but you'll also find lots of things you want to do together as a family, including swimming, horseback riding, fishing and even playing tennis, shuffleboard or basketball. Some resorts also have nightclubs, bars, golf courses and other amenities on-site that are just for adults. With so many things to do, resorts offer more benefits than most hotels do.