Problem Double Chin?

Nope, you don't need those costly creams or even go under the knife to eliminate your double chin. A simple massage can bring back the beautiful contour of your ace. The jaw starts to droop when when your facial contour loses its definition. This happens when lymph flow is lazy around your neck and ears. Toxins can build up in those areas, resulting in swelling. Below are simple massages you can do to give those areas a little TLC to release those toxins.

Step 1

Starting at the point of your chin, gently slide both thumbs along the underside of your jaw, pushing the lymph toward your ears.

Step 2

After reaching the ears, use your thumbs to press the lymph nodes in the hollow behind each earlobe and massage gently to push out waste.

Step 3

Place the fingers of your right hand over the lymph nodes below your left ear. Press downward firmly, keeping your palm flat against your neck.

Step 4

Next, slide your hand down your neck to drain waste. Repeat steps 3 and 4 on the right side, then repeat the full massage three to five times.

Do this daily and you'll see a big improvement in as little as two weeks.