Avoid the Funeral Sting with a Life Plan

It was a good thing my father and mother in laws invested on life plans a long time ago. If they didn't, it would have cost my mother in law a lot of money when my father in law passed away last June. Funeral costs are unbelievably high these days that is why having a life plan is very important.

My Fil was found dead in the bathroom in the morning of June 18. I think he had a heart attack. He had a multiple bypass operation 18 years ago. He never complained about anything a few days before he passed, but he had a cold. He had his regular check ups and he diligently took his meds, so my Mil was very surprised when she found my father in law that morning. Everything was normal, she said, even the night before. He ate as usual, watched his favorite television shows and went to bed that is why she was surprised to find on the bathroom floor, lifeless.

Anyway, his life plan took care of everything. From the wake to the interment, my Mil did not spend a dime. It really helps to invest in this that is why my parents also made sure things will be taken care of when they go. Even my cousin got scared with the funeral costs in Sydney when her brother in law passed a few years ago.

How about you? Do you have life plans your family can depend on when the inevitable happens?